Friday, 27 March 2009

Nkateko spoils us!

As we only had one guest in camp on Wednesday night, I decided to join Godfrey and the guest for a nice afternoon drive.

Godfrey stopped and chatted about many of the smaller things the bush has to offer, we saw a good number of beautiful birds, and a couple of antelope species. The guest really wanted to see leopard, so we went into the area where Rockfig and Nkateko had been seen in the morning. It was not long after arriving in the area that Nkateko was found sleeping in one of the marula trees just off the road.

She posed beautifully for us, and with a setting sun in the background, it made for an unforgettable sighting.

On the way back to camp we also got spoilt with a great sighting of a spotted eagle owl, as well as some elephants.

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