Friday, 3 December 2010

Ingwelala Young Male Leopard

Name: Ingwelala Young Male (named after the property on which he was born).
Born: Late 2006
Territory: This male is seldom seen in the Timbavati, but is range will cover Motswari and the northern portions of De Luca.  He roams around Ingwelala and to the north of De Luca on Goedehoop.
Females: He is still a young male and not one that has established a territory yet.
Cubs: No cubs yet
Mother: Argyle Jnr female
Father: Argyle male
Siblings: One sibling, possibly Voel Dam female
Neighbours: Little is known of this leopard’s current range and the leopards within it, but based on his area of movement he will border the territories of Argyle male and the little known Ntambo male.

Story: Not much is known of this young male due to the fact that he is hardly ever seen.  My sightings of him as an independent leopard have been on Ingwelala and Goedehoop, but close to Motswari’s boundaries, so it is likely that he will still venture onto the property from time to time, although as he matures he will naturally move away, and if that doesn’t happen, then Argyle male will certainly do his bit to chase him out! 

The Ingwelala male was born to Argyle Jnr in late 2006, and as with most of her cubs it seems, he easily made it to independence.  The only ‘issue’ with such a successful mother is that she keeps producing leopards that need territories, and if no territories are available in the immediate vicinity, her offspring might have to wander some distance before finding a relatively vacant piece of land; this could lead to this young male moving deep into the Umbabat where hardly any vehicles drive, and he will be able to lead a secretive life without much vehicle contact. 
We have added this leopard onto the blog for reference should an unknown male turn up in future, and we can potentially confirm or rule out the possibility of it being the Ingwelala male.
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