Friday, 3 December 2010

Xinopi Male Leopard

Name: Xinopi Male (pronounced “sha-noh-pee”, and it is derived from the Shangaan word for a African Weeping Wattle tree, Xinopinopi)

Born: 2009

Territory: This young male leopard is found in the extreme south of the area driven by Motswari (by invitation), and is seldom viewed because of the long distance he lives away from the camp. This male is just about independent from his mother, but seems to utilise the area around Tanda Tula camp as his main area of activity. He no doubt moves a bit further south onto Umlani and possibly the non-traversable Liebenberg property.

Females: Not yet territorial over an area.

Cubs: No cubs yet

Mother: Zebanine Female

Father: Unknown

Siblings: None

Neighbours: Little is known of the leopards in the extreme south.

Story: Very little is known of this male, as due to his location and area of residence, it is not normally worth the 20km-plus trip down to view him, especially as the leopard activity is very good in the north. However, if he is ever found whilst one of the guides are in the area, he is a welcome addition to the leopard family. He is a beautiful male, and one that is semi-relaxed to relaxed around the vehicles. With a bit more time in the area, he is likely to develop into a potentially great male leopard, and we hope he can find his place further north to provide more regular viewing of him.

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