Saturday, 4 December 2010

Welcome to the NEW LOOK Motswari Weblog!

Hello Hello!

Notice anything different???  Well I do hope so!  I have been threatening to give the sightings blog a revamp for far too long now, always finding some reason to put it off (maybe I subconciously realised the amount of work that would be involved!!!), but the time has come to start putting the changes into place!

The site will be a work in progress over the next while as I slowly add on information here and there; with my main focus being on adding information about the individual animals that many of you have come to know through your visits to the reserve, or just visits to the blog.  It is hoped that by knowing the animals better, you will be able to enjoy the sightings updates even more!  This information will be available by clicking on the animals picture on the side of the blog.

In a similar vein, I hope to add biographies of the guides and trackers, scenic shots of the various waterholes, dams and areas of the reserve that are often referred to in the sightings updates, as well as, in time, some general information about all the larger mammal species found in the reserve.  Once i have digitized it, i will also put a map of the reserve up for all those interested in it!

With a slightly bigger display area (and a more user-friendly user interface), it is now possible to place more emphasis on the photographs of the animals that I am sure you all thoroughly enjoy!

Over the course of the next few months, we will also attempt to shift the emphasis of the updates to more ones that are updated more regularly, with less narration.  Of course, with so many interesting stories continuously unfolding in the lives of the animals of Motswari, it is sometimes difficult to keep all the exciting happenings short and sweet!

And with that, I hope that you all enjoy the slight changes that have taken place, and we welcome any ideas and feedback; things you like, things you dont, and any suggestions on how we can improve the site (for instance, one thing i am not sure about, is how the background image will come across for all of your folks, as it really depends on the size of the screen you are using?)!

Three young Sohebele lions having a drink in the Nhlaralumi Riverbed.  January 2007.

A young Sohebele male lion faces up to a much larger Timbavati male after he attempted to steal a buffalo kill from them.  July 2009.

A herd of over 1000 buffalo moving towards Entrance Dam.  June 2008.

A dagga boy at Trade Entrance Pan. November 2010.

A wild dog attempting to finish off his latest victim, but without the support of the pack, he had little chance.  November 2010.

A Grey Heron fishing for frogs.

Thumbela Female Leopard seeking refuge ina tree after being chased up there by 10 wild dogs. November 2010.

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