Friday, 3 December 2010

Argyle Young Male Leopard

Name: Argyle Young Male (unoriginally referred to as the young male that was seen in the area of Argyle).
Born: Early 2005
Territory: This is another leopard originating from Ingwelala and one that was seen on Motswari and Argyle, as well as De Luca.  He has however been missing in action for a couple of years, and exactly where he ended up is unknown.  There is a report of a male leopard of a similar age to this male living on De Luca to the east of his old range, and we are waiting for photographs to attempt to confirm if this ‘Ntambo male’ is indeed the Argyle Young Male.

Females: Unknown
Cubs: Unknown
Mother: Unknown, but possibly Argyle Jnr
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Neighbours: Unknown
Story: This young male was a nervous individual, but given space could be viewed comfortably.  When he was around 2-3 years old he was regularly seen around Motswari camp, with the most memorable sighting of him occurred in the open area opposite the veranda at the lodge when, during the middle of lunch, he ran in and caught a young warthog while the guests were watching!  His most remarkable feature was the amazing golden colouring of his eyes, a rich, rich golden hue that made him easily recognisable.  After early-mid 2008, he disappeared, most likely being chased out by the Argyle male as he (Argyle Young Male) was reaching sexual maturity and was no longer tolerated in the area.  Where he ended up is unknown, as is the answer to ‘will we see him again?’.

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