Friday, 3 December 2010

2:1 Male Leopard (Songile's Brother)

Name: This male has not been properly named, and is referred to as Shongile’s brother, but as she has two brothers, he is distinguished by having a 2:1 whisker spot pattern.  Interestingly enough, as he got older, he lot one of his spots, now effectively having a 2:0 pattern!

Born: March 2008

Territory: This male was not regularly seen, but after parting ways with his mother and siblings does now appear to venture onto Motswari more often than he used to. He seems to spend more time around Argyle Dam and west up to Vyeboom Dam, as well as further north into Ingwelala.  To the south, he does go as far as Sohebele Dam, so he gets around; typical of a young male leopard.
Females: This male is too young to have established a territory, so has not females with which to mate with.

Cubs: No cubs yet

Mother: Argyle Jnr female

Father: Argyle male

Siblings: Shongile female and Vyeboom Dam male

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Neighbours: No neighbours have been established, but this young male shares his current range with Argyle Jnr female, Argyle male, Vyeboom Dam male, Shongile female, and Sibon female.

Story: This is yet another of three cubs that Argyle Jnr female raised to independence, and is seen reasonably regularly around Argyle Dam now, as an independent leopard. He will still be looking for a territory of his own, so will wander depper into the Timbavati from time to time, and as he is seen on the neighbouring Ingwelala. In July of 2010, this male was seen in the company of his mother, her 5-month old cub, his brother as well as his sister – that is five leopards – on the Ingwelala-Motswari boundary! This was unusual to see not just because of the number of leopards, but because they were reasonably well-tolerated by the mother, even with her young cub present. Time will tell if this male hangs around the area for much longer, or if he moves off to the north. He seems to be the least relaxed of the three offspring, but is fairly relaxed at night if approached cautiously.  During the day, he doesnt hang around and moves off very quickly.

Interesting News: January and February 2011 - Despite my initial opinion that this young male did not spend much time in our area, we have seen him with pleasing regularity; most regularly sleeping on Argyle Dam wall!  He is still nervous, but a good view can be had at night.

On Argyle Dam wall

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  1. This poor guy needs a name. He's not even 2:1 anymore! :)