Saturday, 25 December 2010

24th December: The Slowveld.

Pic of the Day.

Morning Drive.

Elephant: ( 2 x Kambaku's) / Argyle – Argyle Dam.
Leopard: ( Kuhanya) / DeLuca – Western Cutline.
Lions: ( 5 x White Lions) / Vielmieter – Nyosi Confluence.
Buffalo: ( 1 x Dagha Boy) / Scholtz – Scholtz Airstrip.

Afternoon Drive.

Buffalo: ( 2 x Dagha Boys) / Motswari – Xinatsi Dam.
Buffalo: ( 5 x Dagha Boys) / Jaydee – Enkombi Pan.
Elephant: ( 1 x Kambaku) / Karans – Karans Bush Braai.
Elephant: ( 1 x Kambaku) / Vielmieter - 2nd Tsharalumi Crossing.
Lions: ( 5 x White Lions) / Vielmieter – Bush Baby Loop.

Daily Synopsis.

Following on from the previous day the heat was unrelenting and although it was two degrees cooler, a whole 40C, it certainly didn't feel like it. I think the humidity was higher and therefore the day was far more uncomfortable than the one before. The hot weather is not conducive to good game viewing with nearly all the animals taking shelter in thick vegetation, with your best opportunities of viewing things coming either side of sunrise and sunset. The morning started off well, with Kuhanya being found close to camp resting up in a Marula Tree. She unfortunately took it upon herself to get mobile into an area of extremely thick Mopane as we approached the sighting, making following her nearly impossible.  

We eventually lost her in a island of thick vegetation between a riverbed and a steep drainage line. After trying to relocate for some time both myself and Jacky went on foot to try track her down or at least get the direction of her travels. Circling the area where we had last visual, we slowly made our way concentrically inwards to where we lost her. You would think it be pretty easy having a drainage line and a riverbed on two sides, nice easy areas to find tracks. Unfortunately that was not the case and we couldn't even find tell tale signs of her presence, it was if she disappeared into thin air.

As the morning heated up the sightings started to decline, so we decided to visit the White Lions who were still sound asleep in the riverbed where they had spent the past two days.

Not having much luck we again arrived as they decided to move from the open riverbed onto the bank and in amongst the green shrubbery, it clearly was not my morning.  

Still being extremely warm when setting out on afternoon drive we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be in for a quite one, given the choice I too would have been hiding under a tree.

Although we did not see much on afternoon drive it was a very pleasant outing as we visited areas that are not often driven affording us the oppurtunity to appreciate the vast open spaces of the African Bush.

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