Friday, 3 December 2010

Rockfig Young Male Leopard

Name: Rockfig Young Male (Unoriginally named after his mother, Rockfig Female)

Born: 2004???

Territory: Uncertain

Females: Unknown

Cubs: Unknown

Mother: Rockfig Female

Father: Mangadjane Male

Siblings: Rockfig Jnr Female

Neighbours: Unknown

Story: This large and slightly aggressive male was born to Rockfig in 2004, and along with his sister (Rockfig Jnr) made it to an age of independence. Although he grew up on the properties of Java, Vielmetter and Jaydee, his exact fate following his departure from the area is not fully known. Most guides and trackers comment that he moved south, through Kings property, Tanda Tula and towards Tawane and perhaps even into Hancock. However, in 2010, there were mutterings that a large male leopard seen on Vielmetter and Jaydee could well be Rockfig Young Male? Photographic evidence of this would need to be provided before it can be confirmed that this reasonably relaxed male leopard has again returned to the area into which he was born. He never quite relaxed to the degree that his mother and sister did, and if pursued to closely, he would make his dissatisfaction well known and charge at the vehicle! He wouldn’t run away, he just didn’t enjoy the attention that much, and in most instances when one went to view him the tracker that normally sits on the bonnet of the vehicle would be made to sit inside, as any aggression show by this leopard were invariably directed towards the tracker.

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