Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Wow, the unthinkable happened, with a further 56mm of rain last night, the rivers came down in flood during the day!

the Nhlarulumi was flowing bank to bank through out the reserve, and all of the dams (makulu Dam, Mbali Dam, Peru Dam adn Vyboom Dam) had water pouring over their dam walls after reaching 100% capacity, and the water flowing out of the reserve was a torrent that actually prevented the vehicles from crossing the low-level bridge on the Timbavati access road.

Now while we could have expected the Nhlarulumi to flow, i never in my wildest dreams imagined that the Sohebele river would flow, and yet it did! i was speachless when Giyani told me to go look at Sohebele dam, and i didnt believe him when he said it was full, but it was, and it was the most amazing sight i have seen in last three years!!!

The water was pouring over the dam wall and started to fill up Argyle dam! The dam was about 1/3 full at the end of the day, but water was still flowing in. Considering that it is the largest dam in the Timbavati, it will still take a good deal more water, but once it overflows, then the dam in front of our lodge will start filling up for the first time in five years!!!!

i will post the full story and photos in the next few days, along with two other updates...

from an extremely happy Motswari Family, take care!


  1. WOW - be careful what you wish for they say!!! see opening words of your last blogpost - looking forward to the pics

  2. thanks janet - it was unbelievable...didnt even get that much rain, but the rain from the week before had set things up nicely, so it all ran off and the rivers were absolutely pumping...will post the blog update later today...