Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Staff Bumble.

Once in a blue moon do we get a day that we don’t have guests, but when they come along it’s not only a great opportunity to catch up with things around the lodge but also to squeeze in a staff bumble. Now I hear you say, “what’s a staff bumble”, simply put it’s a staff game drive. Although we all live and work in the bush and there are plenty of animals wandering through camp, it’s nice for the staff to experience what the guest’s experience. It makes it possible for them to relate to the many stories that they hear daily, and also be able to pass on some of their own adventures.
On this occasion I was flying solo as Jacky took a rare afternoon break. I’m not too sure my car would have been as full had they known, but I still maintain I’m never lost, merely misplaced, and to add to that I’m as likely if not more likely to see animals on the roads less traveled. Anyway what’s a game drive without a little crowd participation, and with the help of Happy from housekeeping, and a map once or twice, we were sorted. So much so that we let the guys who tracked down the white lions and who are not that familiar with the area know exactly where they were from their description, ok so getting there was another story but we’ll keep that to ourselves.

After our little adventure and many a sighting we arrived at the White Lions, what made this special was that it was the first time that any of the staff onboard had seen White Lions.

Now we’re talking about staff that on average have been here between ten and fifteen years finally getting the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. Their reaction and look on their faces was priceless in the presence of these very special visitors, who were feeding on an adolescent male waterbuck.

We were very fortunate, as it seems that everyone was quiet that day and we got to spend the majority of the afternoon with them. As night fell we left them to rest, full bellies and all, under some nearby purple pod cluster leaf trees.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am busting to hear what happens to poor Shingalana ~ keep up the good work with your reports, by the way!!

    Say hi to Elliot and Maurice

    Clare (Jokuszies)