Saturday, 24 April 2010

They're Back!

If I hadn’t taken so long with posting the last blog I would have had you in suspense a little longer. Luckily for you the great news is, the White Lions have returned to our traversing area exactly a week to the day since they were last seen, and who says I was counting, would you like that in days, hours or minutes!
With their departure it did leave us wondering, and a little worried, where we would find lion in the area. As if on cue, these thoughts were put to rest by the arrival of three female lions from the Voeldam Pride. It was following up on these three females from the previous night that Johannes picked up the tracks for the White Lions on morning drive.

To rewind the story a little, two nights earlier we had the Mahlathini Males roaring to the North of camp, not far from where the White Lions had crossed out our traversing area. Having seen how they react to Lions roaring, they immediately head in the opposite direction, it shouldn’t have come as such a big surprise to find them back. Each time they have encountered other lions they have turned to our area seeking the safety of a place that has no resident pride and an available territory left by the Sohobeles.

That morning Johannes did not keep us in suspense for long and as is his nature he tracked them down with apparent ease. When the call came in that he had found them and we could respond, we didn’t need a second invitation and made our way to the sighting to welcome the White Lion’s back!

Here’s hoping they will find peace and settle in our area, for now though we are very grateful to have them back.

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