Sunday, 16 May 2010

Motswari on TV!

Greetings all, a quick post to let you know that Motswari will be featured on the German TV channels ZDF and Arte as part of Andreas Kieling’s five part series, "In the Midst of South Africa."

I’ve included the dates, the channels and there respective showing times, plus a little write up on the series, in my best German of course, should you wish further details you can visit the website,

Andreas Kieling - Mitten in Südafrika

ZDF07.06.2010 - 11.06.2010Sendezeit: täglich 15.15 Uhr
artearte Mo 31.05, 19.32 Uhr Die Westküstearte
Di 01.06, 19.30 Uhr Das Kaparte
Mi 02.06, 19.30 Uhr Die Steilküste des Ostensarte
Do 03.06, 19.30 Uhr Am Indischen Ozeanarte
Fr 04.06, 19.30 Uhr Der Busch - Auf der Spur der "Big Five"

Dokumentation in 5 Teilen
Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: 31.05.2010 (arte)
Wenn sich im Sommer 2010 die stärksten Fußballteams in Südafrika versammeln, ist dieser Teil der Welt nicht zum ersten Mal Treffpunkt vieler Kulturen. Vielfalt spiegelt sich sowohl in der Geschichte dieses Landes als auch in seiner Tier- und Pflanzenwelt wider. Mit Andreas Kieling macht sich einer der bekanntesten deutschen Tierfilmer für fünf Wochen auf den Weg, die Natur, die Landschaft und die Menschen Südafrikas zu entdecken. Seine Route führt ihn entlang der 3.000 Kilometer langen Küste, die er immer wieder für Ausflüge ins Hinterland verlässt.(arte)

For all of you that are unable to catch it on Tv, a visit will be in order. As they say, "nothing beats the real thing."


  1. I wished I could see that German TV but reading your posts with all your great pictures is a lot of fun. What kind of weather do you have there, how warm? Is it humid? I really liked the pictures of the wild dogs, just like white lions, these animals are not often seen. Your close-ups of the white lion cubs are outstanding. What kind of camera do you have, or what lens really? I’d love to come and see all this myself but I don’t think I could take such close ups. I heard the roar of the lion while in West Palm Beach, Florida, a couple of months ago and it was a wonderful sound, so deep. I enjoy your posts very much.

  2. Hi there, sorry for the delayed reply, living in "deep dark africa," we are faced with many challenges! To answer a few of you questions, the weather at the moment is perfect, with warm days and cool evenings. We talking day temps around +/- 25C and evening temps, 15C, it will of coarse get a bit cooler as we get further into winter, but for the moment its great! Whats also great about winter is the game viewing just gets better! I have just started with my photography and use a canon 450D, with a 250mm lense. At times I find it a bit lacking, for those real close in's, but being able to get in amongst our animals, more than makes up for it. Glad that you enjoy the blog and thank you for all the encouragement, will try keep you posted on a more regular basis, internet allowing. You will have to come visit us at some stage and get to experience it firsthand.

  3. I missed the first episode last night, but I will definitely make sure I'm behind my TV tonight. Andreas spoke very fondly of his time in South Africa. He especially loved the tiger shark snorkeling on Aliwal. But then again, who wouldn't?

    I have a short video I made with him shortly after his return to Europe, here: if you are interested.

  4. Thank you for the link will defineatly check it out!

  5. The wonderfull TV coverage by Andreas of Motswari can be watched anytime on the www if you go to the zdf "Mediathek" German website and look at the TV program from today 11th of June - what wonderfull pictures and views of Motswari, it brought us back to the wonderfull days we could spend there in the beginning of March 2010. Regards to Andrew and Petrus and all of the Motswari team from Eva & Michael (Frankfurt/Germany)