Friday, 9 July 2010

White Lion Exclusive

I write this to you after tonight’s drive and before I leave to host dinner, that’s how hot off the press it is! Again this arrives to you before my weekly update, that being weekly updated, but should follow hot on the heels of this.

It all started with us tracking down the White Lions this morning, which is always special in itself when we find them and especially of late as they have been missing a number of days and their visits have been somewhat erratic. We found them resting in the long grass amongst some trees shortly after they must have settled in for the day. It was good to catch up with the six of them and to see that the swelling of one of the tawny cub’s mouth had subsided from the day before.
This afternoon we set off with no real intention of revisiting the White Lions but if we found ourselves in the area we could always pop in to say hi. This would happen far quicker than expected as the guys following up were struggling to relocate them. As we found them late in the morning, not many stations visited, so we were the only real ones about that knew their exact location. Twisting that rubber arm we have when it comes to the White Lions we popped in to help relocate them. It did not take us long, that is after taking the wrong turn ourselves, and we found them lying in the exact same position as in the morning.

We stopped to view them a short while and were about to make our way out of the sighting after manoeuvring to get a better view, when all of a sudden a large Male Lions head popped up in amongst the pride and started to growl. It came as a total surprise and the last thing we would have expected, and left both Jacky and myself speechless for a while. There in amongst the White Lions rested a fully grown Male Lion that was totally accepted by the females and relaxed around the cubs! Could this be the father of the White Cubs or is he their uncle, as we know that it is a coalition of two Male Lions that lead this pride!

A door to a number of scenarios has now opened and who knows what the future for this reunited pride holds, lets hope our traversing area plays a big part. I’ll keep you updated of all the goings on, but now I’m late for dinner so must dash!

Hope you enjoy the first pics of a pride reunited!