Monday, 2 August 2010

It Worked, It Worked!


Finally after thirty six years it appears that I may have learnt to manipulate “ Murphy's Law” to my advantage. If you have no idea about what I'm rambling on about, please refer to my previous blog before reading any further!

To say things have been quite on the Lion front for us over the last eleven days would be a massive understatement. So setting out this morning, like all mornings of late, was with a feeling of trepidation. We started to check around camp for the tracks of Lions that we had heard calling during the night and into the early morning, hoping to finally get lucky. As has been our luck of late it sounded like the Lions had moved off North again and out of our traversing area, but being somewhat on the desperate side, we checked anyway. Apparently the winds of change are still in the air and it was not long before we picked up the tracks of a pride of lion with young, could it be? Immediately Jacky said the White Lions were back, I on the other hand was a little more reserved and didn't want to set myself up for disappointment, but who else could it be? Being part Irish this has a multitude of answers and not worth tempting fate. We radioed in for help and it was not long before we had a team in pursuit, scouring the area. The general direction of the tracks were to the East, I might mention here, that all along, Jacky has maintained that when The White Lions return they would be found on a road called Top Road East, it looked very much like his premonition was to come true. Checking out on the East, Marka picked up fresh tracks crossing a road and when he followed up on foot he found them not a hundred meters into the bush slowly mobile further East and when they finally came to rest they where within a kilometre of, you guessed it, Top Road East!

It is great to have them back and long may it last, but yet again it now raises a whole number of new questions, the biggest being why? They were seen within their territory and the birthplace of their cubs, why have they crossed out again? Did they meet up with the rest of their pride and imparticular the male members?

I'm sure time will reveal all the answers, but for the moment we get to spend valuable time with a pride that we all feel has become our own. Lest be forgotten that I also get to eat humble pie yet again, you have to love being wrong!


  1. Hi Grant,

    That's really great news!
    I hope they stick around for a while.
    Keep us updated, please.


  2. They walked straight off into the Kruger! That pride travels like mad! Probably best they stay out the area for a while with the Mahlathini males back in the area...

    and Grant, you can thank me for all the good sightings you have had since Monday...i am really getting a complex that the animals always hide when i come up and return when i leave...nice to have all the leopards around camp again!!!

    i saw those 4 wild dogs on my way out on tuesday...

    I'll be back to chase the animals away in two weeks, see you then!

  3. Thanks Chad! We had an unbelievable afternoon drive a couple days ago, but it'll all be in the next blog, we'll just tease you with six DIFFERENT leopards in two days,four of those on one drive! Looking forward to having you back.

  4. Wonderful pics and update on the white lions. I am thrilled they are doing so well.