Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dear Chad.

Thank you for an excellent posting and absolutely amazing images! Glad to see that your magic has returned, not that I thought it had ever left. I think you were merely paying “wildlife tax”, and now look at your returns!

You have good sources and I don't want by any means to rain on your parade, although I think a little friendly competition is healthy, I can confirm that the news of the return of some special friends that you speak of is in fact true, The White Lions have returned!

I'm not going to go in to details now, but I wanted to post a couple pic's to wet the appetite for the upcoming blog that I will hopefully have for everyone by the weekend. So enjoy these few images of one of my happiest moments in guiding.


  1. ha ha ha
    I look forward to your next post Grant

  2. one of your happiest moments are one of mine! SO SO SO Glad they are well and all still together! cant wait form my next trip up! Safe & happy guiding!

  3. hahahaha!!!

    good stuff mate...just imagine what we're going to see next week!!!