Tuesday, 26 July 2011

25th July: A Sighting My Words Do No Justice!

Pic of the Day.

Morning Drive.

( Herald, Marka & Grant.)

Lion ( 4 x White Pride) / Peru – Mpiva Plains.
Elephant ( Breeding Herd) / JayDee – JayDee River Rd.
Elephant ( Breeding Herd) / Peru – Nhlaru Rd.
Elephant ( Breeding Herd) / Peru – Woza Woza Cutline.
Elephant ( 3 x Kambaku) / Java – Leopard Rock Hide.
Elephant ( Kambaku) / Karans – Twin Peaks Rd.
Buffalo ( Breeding Herd) / Java – Leopard Rock Hide.
Buffalo ( Dagha Boy) / Peru – Xinkhovanin Rd North.

Afternoon Drive.

( Herald, Marka & Robin.)

Lion ( 4 x White Lions) / Peru – Mpiva Plains.
Leopard ( Kuhanya) / Motswari – Bush Braai Rd.
Elephant ( Breeding Herd) / Argyle – Pan Rd.
Elephant ( Breeding Herd) / Argyle – Pan Rd.

Daily Synopsis.

So the mornings mission was a fairly easy one, find a herd of Zebra, a couple of Hippo's and squeeze in a visit to the White Lions. Knowing where they all were and where they should be the morning was going to be a breeze and an easy way to finish off the most amazing three days for my guests. Heading out to the ever reliable open areas of the East that are bathed in long grass that the Zebra quite fancy we were pretty confident that we would have Zebra ticked off shortly after sunrise. Well................ sunrise came and went and so did a whole bunch of open areas and spots that they frequent with nothing, not even a track. As desperation set in I put out the call to all the stations driving that should they see a Zebra could they please inform me. Marka eventually answered my plea but after an extensive search, we found nothing. A while later another station informed us of a where a small herd was to be found. Taking a chance we headed into the area this time getting lucky with tracks, we finally had a starting point. Checking on their direction we searched the appropriate roads. It was here that Jacky had me stop and pointed out a Zebra, it was so deep in the Mopane thicket it could have been anything, resorting to binoculars I finally found what he was talking about, I wonder if the guests would believe. We found a road that sees very little passage and managed to get ourselves into a position that everyone could see the ever elusive striped donkey, albeit it not being in it's preferred habitat!

With having spent nearly all our morning on our mission we had little time left to pop in a visit to the White Lions. It was an extremely busy sighting all morning but now stood as an open sighting, hopefully they had relaxed enough and would at least have a head up or two. We were not to be disappointed with them all being very attentive on our arrival, it could have had something to have done with the eight Hyena that were present and waiting for the smallest opportunity. Switching off and sitting with them we first got to see on e of the White females get up and move over to the carcass and begin to drag it deeper into the cover of the bush. It is amazing how powerful these young lions have become in so short a period. She fed for a short while but it appeared as to much effort in the fast warming morning. She moved off to the waters edge to drink, the Hyena saw this as an opportunity to sneak in but mom was on the watch and as quick as lightening chased them off. The young male then took it on himself to move to the carcass and protect it. While there he also may of well had a snack and started also dragging it into the shade to feed. Having run out of time we left the formidable four to fend off the Hyena's from their carcass, while trying to overcome the discomfort of their indigestion at the same time.

I'm not on drive this eve but I'm sure the guys will fill me in on all the adventures that I'll pass on to you. Myself and Chad will return to action tomorrow afternoon, lets hope the White Lions are still with us and maybe even surprise us with reuniting with their missing female.


  1. WOW, great shots Grant.
    Love the Pic of the day and how the young male "hugs" the buf!!!


  2. It was an amazing day ... well, an amazing three days!!! And you made it all look so easy. Thanks for everything, Grant - we had a fantastic experience,learned a lot and feel very prvilidged to have seen so much!

  3. Amazing that they took down an adult buffalo by themselves-with only one adult lioness.