Tuesday, 30 August 2011

30th August - My How We Have Grown - Thank You!

How our views have grown!  Thank you all for the loyal following :)

Not a blog update, but just an interesting little post to show you how we this blog has grown over the last year!
This week, we passed our 100,000th page view, and we are still growing!  This time last year, we were averaging about 1,800 views a month, and now, we easily surpass 12,000 views a month, with our record being almost 17,000 in one month!
I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your loyal following of this blog, the continuous comments (and apologies for not always responding, but we do read them!), and I trust that over the coming years, you will keep on enjoying it!
It takes a lot of work from Grant and myself to keep this going, but when we see how much you all enjoy it, it definitely makes it worth the effort!
So please keep on reading, keep on sharing this page, and we all hope that one day you get to come and experience the magic of Motswari for yourself!
Happy virtual game viewing!

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  1. Congratulations, Chad and Grant, for the amazing growth of the blog.

    I can imagine how hard it is to process and select all the photos you take and still write the blog post on a daily basis. You guys rock!

    When I was at Motswari, I told Grant that the main reason I was there was the blog, which I had read from beginning to end. I knew Motswari was everything I dreamed of just from reading the fascinating posts. Since then, I haven't missed one post.

    Thank you so much for bringing the bushes into our lives and letting us have a small taste of it every day even from far away.


  2. Thanks so much for the kind words Lile! so happy to have you as a loyal follower, and please keep on following us until your return to Motswari one day :)