Sunday, 25 December 2011

24th December - Christmas Eve at Motswari

Photo of the Day
Our dinner table for all the guests!
This evening we put on a great festive dinner for all of our guests in camp on Christmas Eve  Leigh and her team went to a great deal of extra effort to ensure that we all had a fantastic evening filled with food, fun and laughter!
Here are just a few pics of the night for you all to see!  Sadly I cant post you some of the delicious food to sample, but the ostrich drumstick, gammon, and even the chocolate salami (and no, its not meat with chocolate in it!) were all wonderful!
Thanks to everyone for a great night!

African Christmas tree and some "champagne-ala-South Africa"

Welcome drinks

"Leigh" the monkey with Dave and Chad's lovely bundle of grass

Dave and Leigh setting up (Dave is the one without the dress)

Some Christmas decorations

Guests arrive back at camp after seeing the White Lions!  Even those that arrived late got to see a male lion sleeping on the road on the way into the lodge!

Grant and Herold

Leigh and Leigh

Ready for dinner!

Gluhwein jelly shots for dinner!

Grace and Eugenia with the delicious ostrich drumstick

Vusi and Herold - not sure about the jug of water?

Dave and Thea - still smiling after all of their hard work during the day!

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