Sunday, 15 January 2012

14 January - In Search Of Cats

Morning Drive.

( Herold.)

Leopard ( Kuhanya) / Motswari – North Motswari Camp.

Afternoon Drive.

( Herold.)

Leopard ( Makipi's Brother – Name Pending.) / Mbali – Dead Marula Rd.

Daily Synopsis.

Herolds mission for the day was to find cats whether they be spotted or tawny. He got off to a good start when he found tracks for one young lionesses thought to be the White Timbavati Female, around Motswari. With there being very few vehicles driving we sent out a tracking team to help. They spent their entire morning plus a good part of the afternoon following the tracks in a complete circle and by the end of it they had tracks going everywhere as the White Lioness tried to track down the Jacaranda Pride who's tracks turned up during the morning. Although they did not have success with Lion some good did come of tracking them around camp as they found our local resident Leopard Kuhanya sitting up in a Marula Tree North of Motswari, watching them walk around in circles.

With one of his cats in the bag Herold was focused on once again following up on the Lions. Being very warm there was a good chance they would have moved to a water source in the area. Unfortunately a heavy afternoon downpour ruined those chances and washed away the tracks as well as giving everyone a good shower. The afternoon was to be a quiet one and shortly before sunset they picked up on Makipi's brother which was an afternoon saver.

Tomorrow is D-day for Herold as the majority of his guests leave after morning drive, lets hope our Lion come to the party.

I'll be heading on leave early, take advantage of the quiet time, so I've left the sightings updates in the more than capable hands of our blossoming apprentice Andrea. As she will join at least one drive a day I'm sure she will be able to bring you a story or two, plus all her beautiful photo's. Till next week, ciao.

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  1. Cheers Grant, and enjoy the leave!