Friday, 1 February 2013

31 Jan - A Good End to the First Month of 2013

Makepisi staring through the grass

Morning Drive
(Marka, Herold, Giyani & Andrea)

x 2 Rhino
Elephant (breeding herd) / Java  - Shambok Pod
Elephant (1 Kambaku) /  Vielmetter – Sweet Water Pan
Leopard (Makepisi) / Peru – Schobanin Road

Afternoon Drive
(Marka, Herold, Giyani & Peter)

Leopard (Makepisi male) / Peru –
Lion (x 2 females and 1 male) / Kings – Cheetah Plains
Elephant (1 Kambaku) / Vielmetter – Double Highway
Buffalo (breeding herd) / Peru – Viool Dam Southern Access

As we left camp this morning, the heavens opened and I thought…”Oh Dear!” It was even rather cold which is just absurd for this time of year. Marka went to check up on Makepisi who still seems to be feeding on the large impala ram he managed to take down – I can’t help but feel proud of him, remembering the days he struggled with a tortoise! Once Marka had left, we went to visit. Luckily, the rain had started to lift and the sun was slowly peeking her head out. Makepisi was tucked into a drainage line peering nonchalantly out through the brilliant green grass. We sat with him for wuite a while, and although there were no exceptional photo opportunities, we watched him grooming, chewing grass and being his good old, character filled self.

Still in hopes of elephant, I headed north east and stopped for a quick coffee break. Herold went to see two rhinos that had been located and Marka followed soon after. Giyani then found a herd of elephant. So, after drinks I headed towards Java to relocate. We found one bull and followed knowing he was following the herd. Just when we thought we had lost them, we turned a corner to find the large but spread out herd in front of us.

We had lovely views of young, old, playful and serious. Staying with them as long as possible, we had to rush back to camp in time for my guests check out – it was a close call!
Black breasted Snake Eagle
 One guest had been dying to see white lion, which I have not seen here at Mostwari since last year April. However, the same guests emailed the lodge in the afternoon to inform me that he had seen one on the main tar road coming into the reserve, close to the control gate. It will have been one of the two white lions from the Giraffe Pride, which lives in the southern part of the reserve. Just goes to show, you never know what is around the corner.

I am off drive over the next few days, but will keep you updated on sightings reports and what has been seen (and at least get to share a few images I have taken when off blog duty!).

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