Wednesday, 1 April 2009

30th March - More leopards!

The leopard sightings continued in the afternoon. I had new guests so headed down south to see if which of this morning’s leopards were still around.

Surprisingly Rockfig hadn't moved all day and was found sleeping in the same marula tree we left her in this morning. She was clearly quite comfortable and didn't do too much. We carried on and saw some nice warthog and zebra, and the area was still full of impala. A bit further down the road we found Nkateko lying next to one of the mud wallows, and spent some time with her. She then got up and went and lay under a bush. After a nice sundowner she was still there and we headed back north to see if we could have some luck with the lions. Our guides had found the Sohebele pride, but unfortunately they were sleeping in an inaccessible place in the Sharalumi riverbed. Giyani and Herald took their guests on foot to go see the lions, and it is always exhilarating to see these large cats away from the ‘comfort’ of the land rover!

We had no luck with the lions, although we did see a male elephant and a lone bull buffalo.

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