Wednesday, 1 June 2011

01st June – Best of the Big 5

Photo of the Day

Daily Synopsis
Welcome to a new month!  It seems as though over the last few days, we have picked up quite a few new readers and followers of this blog!  Yesterday saw us reach almost 1,500 views for the day, which is four times more than what we usually receive!
I certainly hope that, to all of the new readers, you will keep on returning on a daily basis to see the fantastic stories and photos that we love to share with you!
As I am not on drive this morning (and I wish I was, Marka spent the whole morning 1km from camp watching Kuhanya leopardess on an impala kill until it got stolen by three hyenas!), I won’t be able to post any photo updates.  Grant is back on drive this afternoon, so I am sure that you can expect some great stories to be coming from him over the next few days!
I am stuck in my room preparing images for a book that I am doing for the lodge, and thought that I would share some of these with you!
I have selected 30 of my favourite images of the Big 5 to share with you, I trust that you will enjoy them!

Have a great day!
Chad Cocking







  1. WOW Chad, those are amazing pictures, and some of them are of the last month. I still love the photo with the tawny and white lion drinking water together the most, that is a once in a lifetime shot!!!

    Glad you are getting more followers, this is a great blog to follow!


  2. I fully agree with Lourens, a fantastic blog with exceptionally outstanding and most interesting photos!! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to share all this with us, Chad!!

    Go well, Peter (Photoza)

  3. barbara taylor1 June 2011 at 12:04

    Great photo's, love the leopard pics... Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Hello Chad
    Excellent fotos!!!!! Please a copy of your book for me.

  5. Your photos are really beautiful Chad. Thanks for sharing them with us and keeping us up to date on all the happenings in the bush.


  6. Hi

    I am a regular follower and would be very interested in a copy of your book. Are you doing anything else with your photo's - a calendar for next year would be great I will be visiting Mots again in September so until then will be following the blog on a daily basis.

    Sue UK

  7. Superb selection of pictures
    Of course the big cats are gorgeous.
    But two images are particularly artistic. The light, the angle of shooting. The buffalo in the mud and the elephant's trunk in the water lilies.

    Continues to delight us


    Gene and JP

  8. After a hard day work, visiting your blog and seeing such wonderful pictures. What an end of the day. Maybe I find a booklet with all your fabulous pics in october when I visit Motswari. Thanks a lot and kind regards.

  9. I'm in love with your photographs, thanks so much for sharing your world. x

  10. Thanks so much for all your fab pics. Love the blog so much and all the good work you all do. I have to look every morning before I can think about the day ahead.We too are returning to Mots late September/October and I am really hoping for the return of the white lions at that time. Can't wait.
    Keep doing what you do so well.

    Jen from Australia

  11. Wow, thank you for all the fantastic comments!

    its really such a privilege to be able to share our world with everyone else around the world! hearing that you all enjoy the blog so much definitely makes it worth the effort of running this blog!

    as for the book, we are hoping to have it by October, but its a big project, and dont want to rush it....but we will make the book available to everyone, and will most definitely let you all know when it is ready! cant wait!

    Until then, happy reading!