Monday, 26 September 2011

18th September - Photos and Video of Machaton Pride Killing a Buffalo

Photo of the Day
What a sighting - Machaton Pride catching a buffalo!
Daily Synopsis
On the 18th September (go see for the full day’s sightings), some of the guides and guests were lucky enough to be able to witness an amazing sighting of a pride of lions catching and killing an adult buffalo.
Giyani and some of his Java guests were some of the privileged few that were there to witness this sighting of a breeding herd of buffalo at Hide Dam that were suddenly ambushed by the Machaton Pride -  3 lionesses and 8 cubs – that managed to catch one adult female buffalo.  The three lionesses did most of the work in subduing the cow and clamping onto it’s muzzle to prevent it from distress calling to attract the rest of the herd to come to its aid.
The youngsters chipped in, and in a short while, they managed to bring the buffalo to the ground and managed to kill it before attracting too much attention.
The buffalo herd did later return and chase the pride off, but in the late afternoon, the herd moved away and allowed the lions to return to their meal, and they remained there for the next three days.
Sadly though, the story ended sadly when it appears that an unknown male lion was drawn to the kill on the third night and chased off the pride.  Unfortunately for the Machaton Pride, the lion got hold of one of the older male cubs and killed it at Hide Dam, leaving the body for the hyenas to eat.
Still, with seven cubs left, there is a good chance that at least some of them will survive.
I want to thank Peter Zarth for letting me share his photos and videos with you all on this blog!  Wow, how I only wish I had been on drive to see this!


Note – the following pictures and videos might not be suitable for sensitive viewers

A wonderful series of photos from the Java guests of the Machaton Pride catching and killing a buffalo at Hide Dam
Here are also some videos that were recorded - sorry for butchering the quality, but needed to do so in order to get them onto YouTube!  enjoy :)

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