Sunday, 2 October 2011

01st October: Home Alone.

Pic of the Day.
Morning Drive.

( Herold, Grant & Wayne.)

Leopard ( Mbali Female) / Mbali – White Syringa Link.
Buffalo ( Dagha Boys) / Motswari – Bush Braai Rd.
Buffalo ( Dagha Boys) / Peru – Long Rd.

Afternoon Drive.

( Herold, Grant & Wayne.)

Rhino ( Unknown Male)

Daily Synopsis.

Well I never thought that I would have less to say than yesterday afternoon and I would have been wrong had it not been for Herold. We awoke to far better conditions with the wind having died down completely and a partially clouded sky. Still in search of Elephant that was our mornings sole focus. We decided to check the East as it was the only place we hadn't looked for this now very elusive Pachyderm! Our morning took on the same tone as the previous afternoon bar all the general game and we drove around looking at great empty spaces.  

It wasn't until Herold found Mbali later in the morning that we were thrown a life-line. Having exhausted all the avenues in our Elephant search and not hearing that any had been found elsewhere around the reserve we responded to my favorite Leopard.

We found her sighting up in a tree comfortably sleeping the morning away. She would on the odd occasion lift her head to survey her surroundings but then would return to the land of slumber shortly after. Knowing there was not much else out there we chose to spend pretty much the rest of our morning with her.

Here's hoping the afternoon picks up or else this blog is going to be extremely short!

Well it's going to be short and sweet as only Wayne found himself a large White Rhino. It wasn't that the drive was quiet though we had a number of sightings of general game that included, Kudu, Steenbok, Giraffe and Duiker to mention a few.  

Looking back on it, it is most probably the best viewing I've had of Kudu Bulls ever, so that is saying a fair bit in itself. I think it was disappoint from the fact that we have been looking for Elephant the past two and a half days and we have not picked up on anything, not even a track that we could begin to follow up on!

Lets see if it's one of those cases when the bush surprises you and everything is out and about in the morn!  


  1. Hi
    For those of us not fortunate to be in the bush, any game is beautiful game. Love your pic of the day.

  2. Great photos. The morning wasn't nearly as quiet as it sounds, can't speak for the afternoon though.
    We had a great time!


  3. Beautiful picture of the day, Grant.
    Mbali looks indeed very comfy sleeping.