Monday, 31 October 2011

27th September – Cat Fight: Nthombi Attacks Thumbela!!!

Photo of the Day
Nthombi attacks Thumbela at Elephant Dam!
Daily Synopsis
Sorry for taking so long to get this post up, but I have been struggling enough to get the current posts up, that I just haven’t had time!
Im on leave now, so doing a bit of catching up, and here is the first post of some amazing photographs submitted to me by one of the Sharalumi guests, Peter Velleman, of an exceptional sighting that he witnessed while out on drive with Johannes.
The sighting started off pretty ordinarily following the young Thumbela leopardess late in the morning as the day was heating up, with little action expected.

It was then that Johannes spotted Nthombi, the areas dominant female leopard that was sitting watching Thumbela, the intruder in this case!
Slowly she stalked over towards Thumbela who appeared unaware of the territorial leopard approaching until it was too late!

Nthombi spots Thumbela and starts approaching while Thumbela remains unaware of the danger
The two engaged in a heated fight, with teeth and claws being flashed all over the place – the younger and smaller Thumbela clearly being taught a lesson!

FIGHT!  Nthombi takes on Thumbela!
Fortunately, it was just a “lesson-teaching” fight, and Nthombi didn’t push through her size advantage on Thumbela, who was trying her best to act submissively, and perhaps it worked?

Nthombi walks away as the victor while a submissive Thumbela makes off to the south
Thumbela ran off to the south, while Nthombi went to have a drink at Elephant Dam – a calm end to the excitement of the morning!

Nthombi having a drink

Thanks so much Peter for letting us share these stunning pictures!

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  1. WOW, what a fight, I am just glad Thumbela is fine... Thanks for the post Grant, and thanks Peter for the pictures!