Thursday, 5 July 2012

Some Bedtime Reading Material!

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Vyeboom Dam Male

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I just cant keep away from this blog!
Hope you are all well and enjoying Grant’s posts – as usual, looks like I am missing out on the best sightings – so you guys should always take note of when I am on leave before booking your trips to Motswari!

Not so much a sightings update, but rather just to share some reading material with you all!  I have been approached by a couple of other magazines and forums to blog for them over the last while, and I realised that I have never actually shared these links with you, so if you enjoy my blog posts, here are a few others for you to go and read:

My most recent ones have been for South Africa’s leading wildlife magazine’s blog, the Africa Geographic Blog (click on the article to follow the link):

A brief introduction to Ranger Chad: Game Ranger in a Tiara

A blog all about my love affair with leopards...and how I never even used to like them: A Love of Leopards

Some stories of the times I have almost had Petros (my tracker) killed: How Not To Kill Your Tracker

One of my most emotional moments in the bush: Real Game Rangers Do Cry

I have also written a few blogs for Africam:

Introductory post about me and the Timbavati: Timbavati Tales

A blog about the floods in January 2012: That Rain Dance Worked a Little Too Well

About my return to the bush after the floods: Back in Business

Thumbela leopardess almost getting killed by a buffalo: A Leopard's Learning Curve

Machaton Pride kill a baby buffalo only to have hyenas try steal the kill: The Battle of Opportunists

Stories of fighting animals: Fight for Love and Life

About some of our new leopard cubs in the area: New Kids on the Block

A story of the Sohebele male lions coming of age: From Boys to Men

Then the last batch are older ones from last years, and some are just slightly different versions of a few from above that I wrote for South Africa’s leading travel magazine’s blog, Getaway:

A blog about my life as a game ranger: A Day in The Life of a Game Ranger

The story of our white lions: White Lions of the Timbavati

One of my most amazing weeks in the bush – full of some lovely photos: An Unforgettable Week in the Timbavati

Learning to expect the seeing an aardvark in the day: Expect the Unexpected

And that is about it...and if that isn’t enough, don’t forget that there are almost 1,000 archived posts on this website to go through!

Hope that you enjoy these and keep reading the blog for more wonderful posts from Andrea and Grant over the coming week!    


  1. Thanks Chad for the wonderful links. You and all who keep us updated do a beautiful job through pictures and words. Also, thank you for the Africam blog. I'm an avid watcher and look forward to reading you there as well.

  2. Hi Chad. Thanks for all the wonderful reading matter as well as all your amazing photos!!

  3. Hi Chad,
    Have just spend the better part of the morning reading all your wonderful stories. Looking forward to many more posts from you.