Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jan 10th - Scorcher

Impala at sunset
 Morning Drive

(Herold, Andrea & Chad)

Rhino (1 male)
Wild Dog / Vielmeter – Entrance Dam

Morning Walk

Elephant (1 Kambaku) / Motswari – Wedge River Road
Buffalo (9 Daghaboys) / Motswari – Wedge River Road
Elephant (1 bull) / Motswari – Just north of camp

Afternoon Drive
(Herold, Chad, Grant & Andrea)

Rhino (1 male)
Rhino (Crash of 5)
Wild Dog / Jaydee – Makhulu Crossing
Elephant (1 Kambaku) / Karans - Moeniejag Crossing
Buffalo (4 Daghaboys) / Vielmeter - Vielmeter Access
Buffalo (2 Daghaboys) / Jaydee - Nkombe Pan Road

Hello everyone, I am back of blog duty for a couple of days! It was an absolute scorcher of a day today and I think the animals felt it too as things were relatively quiet, except for rhino who were mainly found trying to cool off in mud-wallows! I ran into a bit of luck down on Vielmeter when I found a pack of wild dog, who then got highly mobile aHoend we went crashing through the bush trying to keep up with them (a nearly impossible task when you see how athletic these dogs really are). We eventually lost them through a drainage line where I came up against a wall of Knobthorn trees whose hook thorns I was not too keen on negotiating.

We caught up with Tenga-Tenga, the large male rhino who posed beautifully for us as he walked across a lovely open area. With some viewings of good general game, we had had a pretty successful morning.

After breakfast, two of my guests wanting to go walking. By this point, I was already melting! Despite the sunburn, it was a great walk with views of 2 different bull elephant and a small herd of 9 buffalo resting up in the riverbed. At lunch a bull elephant was walking around in the riverbed in front of camp.

Afternoon drive brought out the same pack of wild dog from this morning, who were lazily trying to avoid the afternoon heat. A crash of originally 7 rhino were found mud-wallowing on the far side of the reserve. I had travelled east and not been all too successful. It is incredibly dry out there and we are all desperate for some rain! I decided to close down for drinks somewhere close to water and when I turned the corner to one of our watering holes, there was a male rhino standing proudly nearby.

He was a skittish rhino though and soon bolted off into the riverbed. My guests really wanted to see hyena so with fingers crossed we went passed the hyena den. Luckily two youngsters were lazing outside and we got a few shots before having to head back home!

Hope you enjoyed,

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  1. Hi Andre,

    Nice photos, hope the animals keep coming out to say hello to you, Hyena's so cute.