Thursday, 17 March 2011

15th March – It didn’t take a brain surgeon...

On This Day
Another wonderful African Sunset! (15th March 2008)

A surprsie visit from the Voel Dam Pride at Voel Dam - made even more special when their two 3-month old cubs popped out of the bushes! (15th March 2008)

Chad at the shooting range! (15th March 2008)

Morning Drive
3 x Lions (Mahlathini males) – Mbali, Windy Way West

Afternoon Drive
(No Guests – staff drive)
3 x lions (Mahlathini males) – Mbali, White Syringa Shortcut
1 x breeding herd of elephants – Motswari, Camp

Daily Synopsis
Tuesday was a ‘short’ day for us, as we had no guests at the lodge in the afternoon.  The morning was a bit of a quiet one, but Herald only had one mission, and that was to find lions.  He didn’t fail.
Considering the number of buffalos that have been in the area the last few days, it was no surprise that it drew in some attention from the lions, most notably the Mahlathini males!  When their tracks were found coming in from the north-west, Difference set off to track them and soon found them resting south of Woza-woza cutline. 
Besides that and some general game, it was a bit quiet, and we caught up on some things around the camp.  During a drink on the verandah, a nice breeding herd of elephants wandered across the clearing opposite camp.
A few of us went out for a sundowner and enjoyed it on the banks of Mbali Dam before following the Mahlathini male lions as they missioned through the bush; despite being well fed, I just knew that they had a purpose to their walk, and would have put money down that we would find them with a buffalo kill the next morning...


  1. And you did?

    Nice sundown and Lions pics Chad.
    You look better with a camera in hand :-).


  2. awesome chad allways keep me off my set lol.....injoy muhammed