Wednesday, 2 March 2011

1st March - Special Guest Post about a Special Morning Drive

Photo of the Day

Something a bit different today, we got a special Guest Post today!  I took Sylvia, Victor and Elea out for a safari this morning, and this is Elea’s report on the drive!
Guest Post
I left at six o’clock this morning on a game drive with Chad (our ranger) and Clarence (our tracker). My dream was to see a rhino, but I saw better: the big five.
To start with, we saw “Kohania” a leopard which had killed an impala pray the day before.

Then on a way we came across three male lions which were lying in the grass very lazily.

Arriving by a dam we saw about ten elephants swimming and splashing around in the water.

 Later on Chad and Clarence left us in the middle of the bush to go track (by foot) a rhino and finally Chad found him.

On our way home a big lonely male buffalo was on the side of the road.

When I arrived in Motswari to announce to everybody that, in one game drive I saw the all big five, I was very proud and happy.

Eléa (11years old)

Thank you so much for that great update Elea!  Glad you enjoyed the safari so much!  And I had better watch out, with those photos I might be without a job soon!!!


  1. This is great! sounded like you had a very exciting drive Elea, very luck girl!

  2. Thanks for your photos, and news of your drive with Chad, Eléa. Great photos, and what a thrill you had seeing all the Big Five in one mornings drive. I bet the memories will stay with you for the rest of your life. Thanks again for sharing your morning out with us

  3. Wonderfull Mamourette ! Et pas une faute d'orthographe !!

  4. Quelle chance tu as eu, Elea! Tu vas m'en parler des ton retour au Cap! Bisous