Thursday, 17 May 2012

10th to 17th May – Chad’s Week in Pictures!

Photo of the Day
Nthombi's little boy

Weekly Synopsis

Greetings from my desk! Hope you are all enjoying Grant’s wonderful posts form this week, and well, let me not ruin it, but I am pretty sure you will all be equally jealous of what Grant and his guests witnessed yesterday, so do check the blog a bit later for that amazing update!

Not doingthe blog this last week, I wasn't so quick to pik up my camera, but here are a few of the images I did manage to capture –sightings were not bad, but the lighting was seldom good enough for photos –was wonderful to see Argyle male again, as well as the Sohebele males! I personally hadnt seen them for over 8 months! It was also a week that saw me get my first viewing of Nthombi’s youngster, and despite not having blue eyes, he is still a litter stunner and was very relaxed with us (well, until I almost dropped my camera; then I’m not sure who got a bigger fringht – him or me!). I had a lovely sighting of Kuhanya too, but sadly my camera was at home at the time!!!

The lions also showed themselve; I got to see the ten Machaton lions, two male lions that had stolen a buffalo kill from them (one of the males was an individual I hadn’t seen for almost three years!), two young Jacaranda’s looking quite good and even snacking on a scrub hare, the Sohebele males feasting on a freshly killed buffalo (as I say, go check Grant’s blog a bit later!!!), and last night I also saw the Mahlthini males a bit further north on Ingwelala!

My hightlightthough was the sounds I heard and tracked down to find a large male rhino trying to kill a two-month old baby rhino! Luckily he moved off when we approached, but the sounds we followed were unreal! I had told my guests I suspected it was rhinos fighting, but I wasn't too convinced myself. Sadly even a day later the male was still seen pursuing the mother and calf; as the calf is not his, he wants to kill it so that he can mate with the female – it can be a cruel world out there!

Anyways, I will be back on the blog tomorrow, but just thought I would share the last week in pictures with you!

Enjoy J

Baboons on Argyle Dam


African Fish Eagle


Two "new" southern males - the bottom picture is a male that we last saw in August 2009 wating a giraffe with the Mahlathini males

Elephant bulls at Argyle Dam

Waterbuck and impalas

Nthombi and cub

Blood-covered Sohebele boys!

Giraffe and waterbuck in the late afternoon

Argyle male eating a dead kudu

You have GOT to see Grant's blog post later of these lions killing this buffalo - amazing stuff!


  1. OMG, awesome photos Chad. I miss the bush. Aims

  2. Simply the best! Thank You.

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!! Great shots as always Chad!!!
    Will check the blog later to see Grant's pictures and story ;-)


  4. Interesting. Who are these two new males and have they chased the Timbavati males away? It is nice to see the Sohebele males-I saw them in my last trip there last year.
    Whatever happened to the white lions?

  5. As always a total treat to see your photos

  6. Why not always have a "photos of the week" report ?

  7. Fabulous!!!
    Sue and Andy UK

  8. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!