Tuesday, 28 August 2012

27 August - Another Busy Day!

Photo of the Day
Morning Drive

Lion (4 of the "Motswari 6") / De Luca - Bateleur Drive
Lion (Mafikizolo 4) / Motswari - Motswari Southern Access

Afternoon Drive
(Herold, Grant, Chad & Andrea)

Rhino (Mother & Calf)
Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Mbali - Western Cutline
15 x buffalo bulls - Scholtz, Sumatra North-South Cutline
Buffalo (2 Dagha Boys) / Argyle - Long Road
Buffalo (2 Dagha boys) / Karans - Umbabat Cutline  
Buffalo (2 Dagha Boys) / Vielmeter - Sweet Water Pan
Lion (4 of "Motswari 6") / De Luca - Bateleur Drive
Leopard (Makepisi male) / Peru - Klipdrift Crossing
Leopard (Nthombi female) / Vielmeter

Herold was the only one out on drive this morning, and it was a big cat drive with two different lion sightings up here in the north. The "Motswari" pride is still feeding on the buffalo and the Mafikizolo pride was nearby as well. The afternoon was busy with 4 vehicles out and just as much activity. Although no one could relocate the Mafikizolo pride, both myself and Chad went back to the buffalo kill and found 4 lions flat cat and bellies full…typical. I had spent most of the afternoon at Argyle Dam with some amazing general game. First noticeable thing was that there is a new crocodile at Argyle…the first time I have seen another one other than the large resident croc…perhaps he has found a lady friend??? I certainly hope so as I will be only too thrilled if December brings some baby crocs.

A beautiful herd of kudu graced us with their presence this afternoon, as well as giraffe and a fish eagle. Grant had huge amounts of luck with ellies, buffalo and the Makepisi male leopard and Herold just the same with rhino and Nthombi female leopard.

The lions were very typically lounging around with very full bellies while the vultures patiently sat waiting their turn. White-backed Vultures and Hooded Vultures sat decorating the trees surrounding the kill. The lion have made a fair dent into the buffalo carcass but there is still a fair way to go!

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  1. All I can say is: "Wish I was there." Thank you, Andrea.