Thursday, 30 August 2012

29 August - Cat Central

Photo of the Day
 Morning Drive
(Grant, Chad, Peter & Andrea)

Cheetah (2) / De Luca - Drongo Drive
Lion (4 of "Motswari 6") / De Luca - Bateleur Drive
Leopard (Female) / Peru - Junction of Western Cutline & Twin Peaks
Rhino (1 male & 1 female)
Rhino (Mother & Calf)
Buffalo (4 Daghaboys) / Motswari - Xinatsi Dam
Buffalo (Daghaboys) / Peru - Phiva Bamba Road
Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Motswari - Xinatsi Dam Road West
Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Motswari - Xinatsi Dam Road West
Elephant (2 Kambaku) / Motswari - Link Road from Long Road to Airstrip Access
Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Argyle - Horizon Road
Elephant (1 Kambaku) / Peru - Western Cutline

Afternoon Drive
(Grant, Chad, Peter, Shadrack & Andrea)

Rhino (Mother & Calf)
Leopard (Young Male) / Group 13 Access
Leopard (Mbali Female) / Peru - Klipgat Crossing
Lion (4 of " Motswari 6") De Luca - Bateluer Drive
Lion (Mafikizolo 4) / Karans - Majave Dam
Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Motswari - Wisani Crossing
Elephant (Kambaku) / Buchner
Elephant (Kambaku) / Buchner
Buffalo (Daghaboys) / Wisani - Western Cutline
Buffalo (Breeding Herd) / Buchner
Buffalo (20 Daghaboys) / Vielmeter - Sweet Water Pan

Game has been fantastic recently and this morning was no exception. I wanted to go back to the lions in the hopes of seeing them a little more active than the other day. We started on the Wedge though as Patrcik had heard alarming impalas, although all we found was two skulking hyenas. Johannes was nearby and he came across tracks for cheetah, so we both started checking the area. It was not long before he radioed to say he had found them crossing Western Cutline into De Luca - I was thrilled. They were relatively relaxed (for cheetah in our area!) and we watched them walking by in lovely morning light before they headed off into thick mopane and we could no longer follow but what a treat!

I then headed to the lion who were feeding and we had an amazing sighting there. One female was feeding and while we sat the other two males came by and after the odd head rub, joined the female in the feast. It was beautiful! By this point Marka had found a leopard nearby - a female no one could identify, so perhaps we have a new cat in the area? Grant had travelled further south and had two rhino sightings, as well as elephant and buffalo! What a busy morning.

En route back to camp we found two bull elephant slowly feeding on Termanalia trees. 

With 5 vehicles out this afternoon and both private camps as well, we were bound to find some animals. Everyone was rather spread out - Grant and Shadrack staying further north while Chad, Peter and myself heading a little further south. The guys who stayed up north had great sightings of elephant, buffalo and lion while the rest of us saw rhino, buffalo and for Chad, leopard. I headed down south wanting to respond to the female rhino and her calf. It was quite a tricky sighting when I was there as the two were feeding along a rather steep drainage line.

At this time Chad had found Mbali female at Klipgat. I then headed down to Sweet Water Pan to a herd of bull buffalo who stood drinking in the water. Unfortunately this is when my camera battery died…huge apologies. Once again a very busy afternoon with lots of good game around. Chad is back on from tomorrow but I thought i would also share one or two pics from this morning (30th) sighting of Rock Fig Jnr just because my battery died last night.


  1. What amazing sightings and pictures, Andrea. Rock Fig Jnr is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Be back soon. So, from tomorrow it's very late lunches for me with the Tiara King back on blog duty. I should never, ever be in a position where I have to choose between the three blog masters!!!

  2. Thank you for the amazing pics Andz, its so enjoyable to follow your daily drives and share your experiences with you! Unbelievable game you see on a daily fortunate are you!!!!!!