Friday, 10 August 2012

9 Aug - Ellies galore

Morning Drive
(Andrea…yip, just me!)

Elephant (breeding herd) / Jaydee - Jaydee River Road
Elephant (2 Kambaku) / Java - Confluence Crossing
Elephant (5 Kambaku) / Peru - Link Road From Woza Woza to Tawny Eagle

Afternoon Drive
(Herold, Grant, Shadrack & Andrea)

Lion (Mafikizolo Pride) / Motswari - Xinatsi Dam Road North

It was a rather quiet and lonely drive this morning by myself up here in the North. At least I had huge numbers of elephants keeping me company. Unfortunately no leopards this morning which is what my guests really wanted before they left but as the one gentleman so aptly put…" this is not Disneyland". I quite liked that. The first herd was an enormous one stretching over a huge area along the riverbed. We witnessed some beautiful interactions between a couple of youngsters. Then, as we were sipping on coffee down in the riverbed, two young bulls were trying to follow the herd and were definitely way behind, but we got to see them cross the river bed and run off after the others.

Lastly, on our way home, we found a small herd of bulls slowly feeding. The one large guy kept sniffing at us from behind a Leadwood tree, a little dubious of our presence. Although it was a relatively quiet drive, the air was crisp, still and beautiful and not as cold as yesterday morning. With a huge group coming in this afternoon and camp full up, hopefully a few more animals will pop their heads out to say hello.

 With a late arrival, we all started out late and planned to stay way up north for the afternoon. Our trackers headed out on foot to follow up on lion tracks while the rest of us enjoyed a couple of the smaller things around. Our large crocodile was out sunning himself of the sand bank as well as a few terrapins. Light was fading fast and by the time our trackers found the lion, the sun had gone down. It was a very tricky sighting as they were haf way down in a drainage line and with no spot light, I was literally in the dark! The female gave us a few growls indicating her discomfort so after a short visual we left them in peace!

Thankfully for you all, Grant is back on blog duty tomorrow. Thanks for the patience with my current less than desirable camera equipment. I am sure i will see you all again soon,

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  1. I just cannot make up my mind! The Tiara King stole my heart and then Grant and Andrea came along. At first, when the when the "picture of the day" was not watermarked I could not read the first paragraph quickly enough to figure out who's on blog duty. Thanks for the drive Andrea. Hope you have you camera back soon.