Monday, 17 September 2012

16 Sept - Monkey's Wedding"

"Who you looking at?"
 Morning Drive
(Shadrack, Marka & Andrea)

Rhino (Mother & Calf)
Buffalo (Breeding Herd) / Mbali - White Seringa
Elephant (1 Kambaku) / Peru - Tawny Eagle Road

Afternoon Drive
(Shadrack, Herold, Peter, Marka, Godfrey & Andrea)

Rhino (1 female, 1 male)
Rhino (1 Male)
Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Borneo???
Buffalo (Breeding Herd) / Mbali - Windy Way
Buffalo (3 Daghaoys) / Argyle - Old Mpisi Khaya Road
Buffalo (2 Daghaboys) / Argyle - Buffalo Pan Access

The morning started well as Jacky and I tracked down the breeding herd of buffalo. They were lying down out of the wind in the middle of the block. As we arrived they slowly started getting mobile again. Some did some usual head and neck scratching on a tree stump. We then headed west and found two very playful and performing zebra and a few giraffe.

 It was just then that the heavens opened. And it was not the usual lowveld steamy rain - it was freezing! I gave my guests the option of A) Trying to find somewhere sheltered for coffee B) Skip coffee and continue driving C) Go back to camp. No surprises that everyone chose C so that cut drive pretty short. 

By the afternoon, the sun was popping her head out and making the landscape unbelievably beautiful. The wild flowers are starting to bloom and the bush just appeared so clean and fresh. Although game was relatively quiet, the beauty of the bush made up for it. 

Black Stick Lillies in flower - first ones of the season

The sun disappears behind the horizon

Marka and Herold found rhino down south while Godrey and Shadrack found the buffalo herd again. Myself and Pete are driving a group and stayed up north spending time with some general game and daghaboys. 

The evening ended off with the most spectacular sunset - it is amazing how I can drive these roads on a daily basis and still be completely awestruck by the landscape. I know photos never quite do the scene justice, but I hope you all get a glimpse.

See you again tomorrow - hopefully a little warmer,


  1. Andrea's pictures and words and our imaginations. What more can I say but: thank you, Gal?

  2. Just love the landscapes, and thanks Andrea for the flowers.