Saturday, 22 September 2012

20th & 21st September – Buffalos Keep Falling!

Photo of the Day

Motswari male lion finishing off their latest buffalo kill

20th September Morning Drive

 (Herold and Marka)

2 x lions (Machaton female and cub with buffalo kill) – Kings, Mashangaan Crossing

3 x rhinos

1 x leopard (Nthombi female) – Vielmetter, Nyosi Confluence

1 x leopard (Nthombi’s boy) – Vielmetter, Western Sharalumi

1 x breeding herd of elephants – Peru, Giraffe Kill Rd

1 x breeding herd of elephants – Peru, Tawny Eagle Rd

1 x elephant bull – Vielmetter, Elephant Dam Rd


20th September Morning Drive

 (Herold and Marka)

4 x lions (Mafikizolo Pride) – Peru, Sohebele Dam

1 x leopard (Machaton male) – Java, Western Cutline

1 x breeding herd of elephants – Peru, Woza-Woza Cutline


21st September Morning Drive

(Herold and Marka)

5 x lions (Motswari pride with buffalo kill) – Argyle, Buffalo Pan Access

1 x breeding herd of buffalo – Peru, Lily Pan

1 x breeding herd of elephants – Argyle, Mangova Rd


21st September Afternoon Drive

(Chad, Herold and Marka)

5 x lions (Motswari pride with buffalo kill) – Argyle, Buffalo Pan Access

1 x leopard (Argyle Jnr female) – Motswari, Ingwelala Cutline

1 x leopard (Rockfig Jnr female) – Jaydee, Vielmetter-Alberts Cutline

4 x rhinos

2 x rhinos

1 x breeding herd of elephants – Argyle, Umbabat Cutline


Daily Synopsis

The last couple of days have been another great couple of days for the guides and guests – Marka commented on how “awesome” some of his sightings were – from two relaxed honey badgers in the day time to a hyena swimming in Hide Dam before emerging with a chunk of meat – his best though was probably the five lions after having been temporarily chased off their buffalo kill by hyenas then going to drink at buffalo pan in wonderful morning light!  He also saw one of the Machaton lionesses and a young male with their own buffalo kill further south.

Friday morning saw a really early start for Pete, Dave and I as we did a walk from Java to Motswari – 9km and three and a half hours later, we were all a bit tired, but thoroughly enjoyed the walk in the early morning – some lovely hippos, waterbuck, kudu, impala and even a pair of honey badgers were seen on the walk.

I joined the drives in the afternoon, and to say it was warm would be an understatement!  Four of my guests arrived a bit late, so I just bumbled about in the north for twenty minutes until they were ready and ticked off waterbuck and impala.

Resuming with a full crew, we headed to Argyle Dam and enjoyed the crocodile basking in the sun, the hippos and a collection of impalas, kudus and waterbuck in the area.

Hippos, impalas and kudus around Argyle Dam

Dave then radioed to say that the monkeys in camp were alarm calling, and a few minutes later he and Johannes had managed to locate Argyle Jnr on the northern side of the lodge – knowing she was heading for Ingwelala, I raced over and made it in the nick of time, literally as she crossed the cutline and off our land...luckily she walked into a herd of impalas and began stalking them – the visual wasn't great, but we watched for about twenty minutes before realising that it was going to be a long wait, so we carried on with the drive.

Argyle Jnr

Our sundowner drinks were put on hold when Herold told us that all five lions were now finishing off the buffalo, so he suggested I headed there rather than having a drink, so I did just that!

Aweseom sunset to end the day, as well as giraffes and waterbuck

We saw a load of impalas, kudus, waterbuck and even some giraffe trying to mate along the way before arriving at the lions – there were still three feeding while one was watching a nearby hyena before even that was too much and she also flopped down!

Motswari pride on their buffalo kill

Heading back to camp didn’t produce much to speak of, but it was still just great to be back in the bush!
Marka had a great afternoon further south – six rhinos on two sightings and Rockfig Jnr leopardess with a fresh kill – so at least something to look forward to tomorrow!


  1. Awesome everything - not only the sun set, Chad.

  2. Hi Chad. Thanks a million for the great game drives. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the lodge. We were very sad to leave on Sunday. Just a pity that you didn't get a shot of the giraffe in action... I'll email you my pic!