Wednesday, 4 April 2012

03 April - Short but sweet

Photo of the Day
Morning Drive
(Marka, Herold, Shadrack, Giyani and Andrea)

Leopard (Makepisi Male) / Java – Mbali – Java Dam Access Road
Lion (2 Sub-adults) / Peru – Madache Pan, Shindzela Road

Afternoon Drive
(Marka, Herold, Shadrack & Giyani)

Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Peru – Jack’s Camp
Wild Dog / Scholtz – Mananga/ Scholtz Cutline

With my guests leaving early this morning, I had limited time for my morning drive. Because of my time limit, I knew I could not travel too far and so therefore decided to take a relaxed drive stopping at birds and bugs. We rounded a corner and found Herold with a small herd of giraffe. We sat with them for a while and watched as a young female suckled from her mother. It was a beautiful interaction.

Johannes then called in Makepisi male, and he was not all too far from me so I thought it would be a good send off for my guests. En route we came across fresh lion tracks. I unfortunately did not have the time to follow so called them in, and rushed of to get in a leopard sighting before my guest’s early breakfast. Makepisi was hiding in thick mopane and continued to do so, only popping out briefly before hiding back in the green foliage. It was quite tricky terrain and after a struggle to get another station in the sighting, I rushed back to camp just in the nick of time as I shot in at 8:30 on the dot!

I am only getting new guests on Thursday, and so did not go out on drive in the afternoon, but the guys saw a breeding herd of elephant and Marka managed to find wild dog right on one of our boundary borders! I will post a sightings report tomorrow and then back to normal on Thursday when I head out on drive again.

See you all soon,

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