Friday, 6 April 2012

05 April - Back on Drive!

Photo of the Day
Morning Drive
(Marka, Herold, Shadrack, Grant & Chad)

5 Rhino
Buffalo (4 Daghaboys) / Argyle– Horizon Road
Elephant (3 Kambaku) / Peru – Peru Entrance
Elephant (Kambaku) / Java – Java Airstrip

Afternoon Drive
(Herold, Shadrack, Grant, Chad & Andrea)

Leopard (Nthombi Female) / Vielemeter – Nyoshi Crossing
Elephant (3 Kambaku) / Peru – Junction Hennies Road & Bunny Road
Elephant (2 Kambaku) / Mbali – Mbali River Road

Hi everyone! So, I am back in action and with a car full of new guests, I was ready to start driving again. Rumours of lion near camp were circulating so the first part of the drive was following up on any tracks that might have been seen in the area. The only unusual thing found was a couple of guinea fowl perched in a tree, however despite our search, it led to nothing. 

Grant had found a bull elephant close by so I went to watch him instead. On the way, we found a beautiful journey of about 8 giraffe on Peru entrance road. One persistent male was following a very uninterested female, while youngsters fed and others roamed. It was a beautiful sighting, especially as we don’t seem to find all that many giraffe here up north.

Heading onto towards the bull elephant, we found him feeding where Grant had left him. As we sat and watched, he edged closer and closer. Just then, another popped his head out from behind a bush, meaning we were wedged between two large bull elephant. Luckily they were very relaxed. The closet bull was not too phased by our presence and due to his close proximity; we sat tight and waited for him to move off a little. Another, rather moody one decided to join so a quick exit was needed to loop around and give him some space. After a good view, we moved on for a drink stop.  

En route we found a herd of kudu in riverine thicket, with the largest male kudu I have ever seen. He was magnificent. Unfortunately the light was low, and my pics came out blurry and disappointing. However, due to the usual hidden way we see kudu, it was a very special sighting. We had drinks in the riverbed, and being full moon, it meant we were able to have an amazing nighttime view if the moon reflecting across the water.

As we became mobile again, a leopard was spotted close by. Unfortunately they lost the visual and even though we tried to relocate, the leopard disappeared and we on home, stopping for a Martial Eagle and a chameleon along the way.

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  1. ohh, how neat. Feel like I was there. Thank you for the trip!