Sunday, 1 April 2012

31 March - Earth Hour at Motswari

Dinner by candlelight
Motswari celebrated Earth Hour this evening where we joined thousands around the world in switching off all power between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. This timing was perfect, as guests were just finishing up their first glass of wine, and being seated for dinner. It was a magical evening where guests enjoyed a candle lit dinner and it was almost a bit of a disappointment when the lights did eventually come back on. The guests were very excited to get involved and enjoyed the evening immensely both at Motswari and Shlaralumi. Even the kitchen amazingly served up a three course meal by candlelight. I took a long exposure shot of the dining area, purely lit by candles and paraffin lanterns. 

Earth Hour is a wonderful cause and gesture in calling for action against climate change. More than 5200 cities and towns in 135 countries around the world stand together on this night in one of the biggest environmental events of the year. We really encourage that all our blog-followers take this event home with you and celebrate it with us next year and of course become more aware of 'switching off'. Motswari was proud to be a part of this global event.

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  1. What a neat shot. I honestly forgot about it last night. Shame on me. Looks like all had a wonderful time and I envy each and every one.

    1. O wow. This looks amazing! Wonderful work Motswari Team and especially to the kitchen team for preparing by candle light! I truly wish I could have been part of this!