Thursday, 26 April 2012

25th April: New Beginnings.

Pic Of The Day.
No Morning Drive.

Afternoon Drive.

( Herold.)

Rhino ( Mtenga-tenga Male)
Lion ( Mafikizolo Pride: 2 x Males & 2 x Females) / Vielmieter – Western Tsharalumi.
Elephant ( Breeding Herd) / Motswari – Xinatsi dam.
Buffalo ( Breeding Herd) / Vielmieter – Blue Thorn Rd.

Daily Synopsis.

The pictures below were taken of a herd of Elephant North of Motswari Camp. What makes it very special is it is of the youngster that we reported on over three months ago that had huge open wounds on its head and front left leg, which was also extremely swollen. It struggled to walk let alone keep up with the herd yet it would not give up and kept on going. I wrote about it in a blog a few months ago when we watched its mother break down the bank of a very steep section of riverbed so that it could get out and follow the herd. I remember sitting in the sighting and my guests asking emotionally whether we would intervene, to which I answered we wouldn't and that we would let nature take it's course. To this there was the question of would we not even euthanise it as it was clearly suffering. Again we do not become involved unless the problem is human created. Over the next few weeks there were reports of it being seen in the far North and then again in the far South proving its determination and spirit to survive. With the herds of Elephant disappearing after the floods we did not know what became of it. Not until it was seen by Jacky three weeks ago while I was on leave. Getting back to work it was one of the first things he told me and I was keen to see it for myself. As luck would have it I did on a number of occasions as the herd stuck around in the North to feed on the abundant Mopane. The wounds are looking far better and have sealed over only leaving a tell tale scar. The swelling of the front left leg has gone down but it still cannot put weight on it. It has now perfected the art of its own hobble which appears very effective as we watched it make it's way easily up a very steep bank that even our Landy's we need to engage diff-lock for. Although the pictures are deceiving it actually knelt down and rolled about in the mud on the bank and did not fall over as it would appear, just as any other young Elephant would do. He/ she is a testament for the fighting spirit to survive and to overcome any adversity that is presented. All I can say is, thank goodness we did not interfere.

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  1. Wonderful photos and heart warming news of this spirited young soul, thank you so much for sharing.