Monday, 2 May 2011

01st May - Photos from the Last Few Days!

Photo of the Day
Hippos fighting at Sohebele Dam
Sorry that I have been away for the last few days, but Grant has been doing a great job, and definitely seemed to get the better of the photo opportunities over the last couple of days!
Since my last post, my viewing has been pretty good, but I just haven’t managed a great deal of good photos; probably a combination of the overcast weather, still feeling a bit run down after the tick bite fever, and the fact that I broke one of my cameras!  Hahahaha, oh well, at least I have an excuse to buy a new one now!
I have had some fairly decent viewing; seen Rockfig Jnr, Thumbela and Kuhanya female leopards, lots of buffalo and some good elephants – including some amazing up close and personal encounters that can never be captured adequately on camera!

Rockfig Jnr female

Thumbela female

Some large elephant bulls all across the reserve
The couple of wild dog sightings I had were great, especially as I got to share one of them with my parents who joined me on drive.  We actually had a rather good drive; three different breeding herds of buffalo (including one that joined us for drinks at Entrance Dam – it was quite surreal to be standing having a drink with over 200 buffalo streaming past 30m away!), about 40 minutes following the wild dogs, a family of porcupines, and the beautiful Kuhanya leopardess on the airstrip!

Buffalo and wild dogs on Motswari
Lions have been extremely quiet, as you have heard from Grant, but a trip down south to see the Machaton Pride was worth it, although I didn’t take any photos. 
Anyways, we are always positive that this situation could change overnight, and we all look forward to the return of some lions to the north...until then, I am hoping to find some photographic mojo again to get back into the swing of things and getting some more good shots!  Until then, I hope you enjoy these few photos that I have managed to snap up!
Tawny Eagles

Young male hippos fighting

Young male impalas practising their fighting

Impala alert to the presence of danger in front of the lodge; the monkeys were alarm calling as they could see a leopard, but neither the impal nor myself could find it!

Bachelor herd of impalas

Dwarf Mongooses



  1. Wonderful update and photos. In particular, the young male hippos fighting and the wild dogs (i am so envious of your wild dog sightings).

    Thanks Chad.

  2. Lovely photos... gorgeous little Mongooses...