Thursday, 12 May 2011

12th May - I Don't Even Want to Read Tomorrow's Blog Update!!!

Without ruining it...all I can say is that I am dreading tomorrow's blog update...Grant is going to have a field day!!!  All I will say is that the day was eventful enough to ensure that, even sitting in my bed 500km away, I was kept up-to-date with all the exciting sightings!!!

Feeling Home Sick, I stumbled upon this great little video on the Timbavati!  It was taken by the film crew that spent a couple of years filming the lions and leopards of the Timbavati...

I do think it goes some way to showing what makes the Timbavati the special place it is, and hence the fact i loathe missing days in the Bush like the guests and guides got to experience today!

Also, for anyone interested in seeing more of my photos, please feel free to browse one of my online galleries by clicking here

Enjoy :)

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