Monday, 16 May 2011

15th May: Wow!

Pic of the Night.

Morning Drive.

( Herald)

Leopard ( Argyle Male) / Argyle – Argyle Dam.
Elephant ( Breeding Herd) / Argyle – Vyeboom Dam.

Afternoon Drive.

( Herald & Grant)

Rhino ( Shangula, 2 x Females & Calf)
Elephant ( Kambaku) / Argyle – Argyle Dam.
Cheetah ( Female) / Motswari – Motswari Airstrip.
Leopard ( Rockfig Jnr) / Vielmieter – Double Highway.
Lion ( Machaton Female & 9 Cubs) / Kings – Cheetah Plains.
Buffalo ( Breeding Herd) / Vielmieter – Hide Dam.

Daily Synopsis.

Herald was out alone in the morn and true to form he did not disappoint finding his guests the ever impressive Argyle Male, followed by a large breeding herd of Elephant swimming in Vyeboom Dam. Wish I was on drive to see it all, lets hope the afternoon is just as good.

Wow! What an afternoon, don't know were to begin! Not going to have the time to tell you all the details, so what follows is our highlight of the afternoon and a brief synopsis of Heralds drive.

Herald headed to the West in search of Rhino, where it was not long before two females and a calf were found followed by the large male Shangula. It was in a particularly difficult area and Herald did well to keep up with them and relocating on them a number of times. After handing the sighting over for others to join, which include us who got there shortly before the sunset enjoying a beautiful sighting of the four of them as they slowly made there way back towards Klaserie, Herald headed South responding to an invitation to view the Machaton Females and there nine cubs. Along the way he was in the right place, at the right time, AGAIN, as Rockfig Jnr was found, racing the sunset he could not spend much time with her as he needed to get to the Lionesses and their cubs before dark. Arriving in time he enjoyed a great sighting of the pride which he eventually had to leave as it got dark. To top off their afternoon, while taking drinks at Hide Dam they were visited by a large breeding herd of Buffalo, not a bad way to end off an already amazing drive.

Our drive being the first for our guests was of a more relaxed nature and we remained in the North taking in all things big and small, of which there were many. The general game was out in full force and only around Argyle Dam we had Impala, Hippo, Kudu, Zebra and a Elephant Bull all feeding to the North of the Dam.

It was while sitting with the Elephant that Jacky mentioned he could hear an Impala alarm calling towards Motswari Airstrip, I took a listen and could hear nothing. After finishing off with the Elephant, I asked Jacky if he could still hear the Impala, to which he replied he could. Deciding to check it out we headed back the way we had just come intending to do a loop around the airstrip, maybe we get lucky with Argyle Male who they had in the area in the morn. Arriving at the airstrip we found a lone male Impala looking intently to the North, but mid way down the strip there was a herd that seemed unphased and carried on about there eating. I mentioned my doubts to Jacky about there being anything about as we made our way to the North along the airstrip. As we passed the placid herd we noticed a Giraffe looking intently back to the South and paying us no attention what so ever. Jacky now convinced there was something about we left the road and drove onto the airstrip to investigate further. We literally did not drive the width of the strip, when Jacky called out Leopard lying in the grass fifty metres in front of us. I looked ahead and corrected him, it was not a Leopard but rather a Cheetah!  

By this stage we had killed the engine and come to a standstill at a distance she was comfortable with, as she did not move and sat up in the grass looking about. It was only when the Giraffe approached closer to investigate that she stood , which had the Giraffe turn and run. She once again surveyed her environment before turning and making her way off into the bush, we tried to follow but as we got closer she quickened her speed and disappeared deeper into the bush. Having had a an unbelievable sighting we did not pressure her and left her to go her way. We think it was the same female we had a number of weeks ago on Karans property, relaxed at a distance.

As mentioned above we then made our way across to the Rhino where we enjoyed another great sighting and a perfect way to wrap up our drive. Amazing how the bush can turn so quickly not only from day to day, but it would appear drive to drive!

Oh, I forgot to mention, if Herald keeps this up he will have to start his own Blog.


  1. seriously dude....this is just not even funny....if i dont see anything on my first day back, im going to hand in my resignation!!!!

    i cant believe that cheetah, that is just AMAZING!!! four different cheetahs around the camp in the last few days! WOW indeed!

  2. Lol @ chad!! That is amazing!!!! Hope there are Cheetahs when we come back :D.

  3. WOW, great day in the bush!!!
    Man, the animals always seems to come out of hiding when Chad is not there...
    Love the zebra shot, as well as the cheetah shots. Chad, please don't hand in your resignation, just take leave more often :-)