Tuesday, 31 May 2011

30th May - Congratulations Grant...I know a good Doctor!

When most of us were still sleeping in our warm beds at 5h30 yesterday morning, some of us were getting up to do a game drive...and then others like, Grant, were getting up to go for a run.

By 10h00, most of us were out of bed and getting ready for breakfast, others were returning from their early morning game drive...and others, like Grant, were still running.

At 14h30, most of us were enjoying a nice lazy Suday afternoon, while others were getting ready for High Tea before afternoon game drive...and others, like Grant, were still running.

Yes.  8h53 minutes after starting to run at 5h30 in the morning, our dear old Head Guide, Grant "I Should Maybe See a Doctor About This Habit" Murphy, completed a gruelling 87km Ultra-Marathon (between Durban and Pietermaritzburg)!  While none of us here can understand why he would want to do it, we can only applaud him very loudly for undertaking this challenge yet again, and finishing in a great time!

Richard and Grant after running 87km and not even sweating??? 
So just want to say from all of us here at Motswari, a Huge Congratulations for your achievements (and for your brother, Richard, who ran with you!)...you did us proud!!!  And the best part of it; you didnt even get eaten by anything during all of your training!

The Bronze Bill Rowan Medal that Grant won (he was - Bill, not Grant - the first winner of the Comrades in 1921, and ran a time of 8h59....if Grant started his running career a bit earlier, he would have beaten Bill)

Well done mate, and almost time to start preparing for Comrades 2012....if it's any consolation, at least next year is a "downhill" run!

PS - and come see me, I have the name of a good Doctor!


  1. What a great performance Grant!! Congratulations.

  2. Congrats Grant. LOL @ Chad, good piece!
    I only run when I am being chased by something (Dog, lion etc...)


  3. Motswari...what a great post!
    Thank you to everyone for their sms's, emails, tweets and FB posts of support and love! It was a wonderful day and we are all so proud of Grant and Richard! Grants 7th run and Richards 3rd.

    Your support meant so much to the boys and to Beverly and I who were seconding them along the route!

    Cheers and here's to a comrades well done!

    Inge (grants other half) :-)

  4. Congratulations, Grant!

    I remember in one of the days of our stay Grant saying he was going for a run at lunch time. I must have made the greatest puzzled face ever and asked him why he would run when he's supposed to be eating. Then he talked about the ultra-marathon. I thought to myself "this guy is completely crazy"! :)