Friday, 6 May 2011

06st May – New Look Blog!

Photo of the Day
Aggressive Argyle Male back in May 2009
Hello hello!  Well a slightly new look to the blog; nothing major, but just a slight change of colour and background to fall in line with our home page (, which itself has had a revamp and a whole stack of stunning new photographs taken at Motswari have been added!
Anyway, here is a short post of “On This Day” for the last few years seeing as we won’t have an update from this afternoons drive!
You will see some old and some more familiar faces on this blog; firstly the old and legendary Mangadjane male leopard in his prime, and then his northern nemesis, Argyle Male, when he first started visiting us regularly in 2009, and his rather nervous and aggressive nature back then!  It is an absolute pleasure to see how he has transformed into the relaxed and chilled leopard he is today – almost on par with old Mangadjane!

Zebra Foal, Giant Eagle Owl and Mangadjane Male on 6th May 2007

Argyle male being protctive over an impala kill on 6th May 2009
These are also some pictures I snapped up yesterday afternoon when I went to photograph some rather uncooperative hippos!  Maybe next time!

Impala, elephant at Argyle Dam, Waterbuck at Sohebele Dam, Hippos at Sohebele Dam, and Egyptian Geese at Sohebele Dam


  1. The light in yesterday's photos is gorgeous. Beautiful pictures all!

    The blog change looks great, colors feel like autumn. It might just be my iPad (and me) but the grey lettering is a bit difficult to read. I always enjoy coming here, thank you!

  2. I agree with Lori, the light in these photos is gorgeous, impressive - one can't seem to not notice it.