Friday, 2 March 2012

1 March - Kuhanya is back

Photo of the Day
Morning Drive
(Herold & Andrea)

Buffalo (Breeding Herd) / Peru – Piva Plains
Lion (Mafikizolo males and one Old Female) / Peru – Long Road

Afternoon Drive

Leopard (Kuhanya) / Evukeni – Evikeni Access Road
Lion (Mafikizolo males) / Peru – Long Road 

The morning started out quietly as once again we found ourselves desperately trying to follow leopard tracks. It is a difficult time of year to do so as the grass is thick and after the floods, much of the road system is washed away, leaving rock behind. With no luck, we responded to the lion that Herold had found. The female was lying in the riverbed, and the males were up on the bank, a little way around.

After viewing the female, we decided to wait with the males until the sighting had quieted down a bit. So we headed along the riverbed finding two crocodiles lazily enjoying the sun on the sandy riverbank. It was quite exciting to see as most crocs had to re-establish themselves after the floods and have therefore been a bit scarce.

En route home we visited the male lion who were a bit hidden behind mopane trees, but always good to see.

Midway through my afternoon nap, Thea rushed in with a radio and informed me that the bush-work guys had spotted a leopard, Grant and Dave were busy tracking, and I should quickly get ready and call my guests. Leaping into action, I ran around looking for car keys, drinks bag, my camera, and my guests eventually we all piled into the Land Rover and sped off. Dave and Grant had tracked Kuhanya up a tree nearby and we spent over an hour sitting with her while she performed a most spectacular display.  I have only seen her once since the floods, and so was absolutely thrilled to have her back in the area and I hope she stays!

We popped back to camp for a quick lunch, and once back out tried our luck with Kuhanya again. She had however, slipped off into the bush and out of sight once again. By the time we had finished our drinks stop, it was quite late so we ended our drive going back to the male lions who had not budged all day. Typical.

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