Saturday, 10 March 2012

9 March - Back on Drive!

Photo of the Day
Morning Drive

Lion (Ross Pride)/ Kambaku Property

Afternoon Drive
(Marka & Andrea)

Buffalo (2 Daghaboys) / Motswari – Sohebele Riverbed, just west of camp
Elephant (Breeding Herd) / Motswari – Western Cutline, Evukeni Junction
Elephant (Kambaku) / Argyle - Argyle Dam

Hello everyone, I am back for a few days until Grant comes back on drive. After a week of bushwork, I was very excited to get back on drive. We started out on the wedge as Thandi from Shlaralumi had seen a leopard in the area. Despite our efforts, we could not relocate and as we headed back over the riverbed we found two Daghaboys resting up in the water. They had chosen a prime spot for their afternoon dip and sitting in the steaming hot car I was a tad jealous! 

Dave radioed to say that he had seen a small herd just to the north east of camp, so we went to follow up. Just when we thought we had lost the herd completely, we saw a young female amble across the road. It was a beautiful little herd, and although not the best photographic opportunities, always entertaining to watch. Especially as one female, climbed right up a wide termite mound to get to some extra green foliage and then had some trouble trying to descend!     

After a drinks stop, we slowly started heading back to camp. Along the way, Petros’s hawk eyes found us a spectacular chameleon carefully climbing a branch.

The most incredible part of the drive was the moonrise. A large golden orb popped out over the horizon and despite every setting I could think of, nothing came close to capturing it’s beauty.

By the time we got back to camp, the moon was shining through dappled clouds, presenting us with the most dramatic sky! It is great to be back out there and also sharing on the blog.

See you again tomorrow,

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