Monday, 26 March 2012

25th March: Dave's Sightings Update.

Menacing Pic Of The Day.

Morning Drive

( Herold, Shadrack & Marka )

Lion ( 3 Males, 2 Female & 5 Cubs ) – Buchner
Buffalo ( Breeding Herd ) / - Buchner
Elephant ( 4x Kambaku ) / Motswari – In front of the lodge
Buffalo ( 1x Male ) / Motswari – In front of the lodge

Afternoon Drive.

( Herold, Shadrack & Marka )

Lion ( 3 Males, 2 Female & 5 Cubs ) – Buchner
Rhino ( 2x Males )

Daily Synopsis.

The drives returned to the lions in the morning to view the sighting in full daylight and they arrived to 
find an additional female and cub had joined the pride at the carcass.  Marka’s vehicle was lucky to 
see the lions alert and active, even witnessing a family squabble between the newly arrived cub and 
the dominant male.  As is often the case, the mother intervened and calmed things down before 
anyone got hurt!

The afternoon drive was unfortunately a little quiet in terms of the larger mammals numbers, but there 
was plenty on offer in terms of birds, reptiles and other fascinating species.  Marka did return to the 
lions with his new guests (no further lions had joined the meal), whilst Herold and Shadrack set off 
in search of rhino and duly delivered a great sighting so it was certainly no disappointment!

The day was wrapped up with a fantastic menu prepared by Eugenia and the evening was prolonged by 
a stubborn buffalo bull – insistent on having his evening meal between the veranda and Roan room. 
It just meant a final glass of wine and slice or two of chesse!


  1. Hi Dave

    Thank you so much of the updates.We always look forward to the daily bulletins from the bush. Has the leopard Thumbela completely left the area?
    See you all again in October
    Sue and Andy, Somerset UK

  2. I'm not sure on that one I'm afraid - will check with Herold when he gets back from his walk. They found Mbali yesterday and Kuhanya this morning!

    Look forward to seeing you back at Motswari