Saturday, 24 March 2012

23rd March: Dave's Sightings Update.

Pic Of The Day.

Morning Drive

( Herold, Shadrack & Marka )

Buffalo ( Breeding Herd ) / Scholtz – Jackal Pan
Elephant ( Kambaku ) / Scholtz – Jackal Pan
Buffalo ( 2x Males ) / Shlaralumi Wedge - Motswari

Afternoon Drive.

( Herold, Shadrack & Marka )

Elephant ( Breeding Herd ) / Peru – Pan Road
Elephant ( Breeding Herd ) / Mbali – Garage Rd
Leopard ( Male ) / Vielmeter – Hide Dam
Buffalo ( Breeding Herd ) / Vielmeter - Hide Dam

Daily Synopsis.

The day started slowly with another good sighting of a large buffalo herd topping the list, along with good wildebeest and zebra sightings.

In the afternoon the elephant sightings continued to flow and a beautiful viewing of leopard – Nthombi’s male cub helped round off a successful day.

There was also a hint of frustration as the white lions were spotted at the end of the evening drive by Johannes, chasing a buffalo herd in the darkness.  Unfortunately it was too late for any of the other drives to respond and we will just have to try our luck tomorrow morning!


  1. Thanks for your updates Dave. Do hope that your guest get to see the white lions today (Saturday)it was for us one of the highlights of our stay at Motswari
    Sue and John

  2. Unfortunately not! They had covered a lot of ground and the guys couldn't relocate. It was a great day of sightings though with 9 lions, 2 leopards, 4 rhinos, plenty of elephants and several hundred buffalo! We even had elephants in front of the lodge for most of the day. Its nice to know that the white lions are in the area though and we're all hoping they'll reappear soon!!