Sunday, 25 March 2012

24th March: Dave's Sightings Update.

Pic Of The Day.

Morning Drive

( Herold, Shadrack & Marka )

Leopard ( Male ) / Vielmeter – Hide Dam
Buffalo ( Breeding Herd ) / Vielmeter – Palm Crossing
Elephant ( Breeding Herd ) / Java – Whitey’s Rest
Elephant ( Breeding Herd ) / Java – Java Mbali Road
Rhino ( 4x Females )
Lion ( 1x Male ) / Borneo – Kruger Boundary

Afternoon Drive.

( Herold, Shadrack & Marka )

Elephant ( Breeding Herd ) / Peru – Jack’s Camp
Lion ( 3 Males, 1 Female & 4 Cubs ) – Buchner
Leopard ( Female – Kuhanya ) / Argyle – Mfene Crossing

Daily Synopsis.

It’s when we have mornings like this that I miss being out there in the bush and my desk seems like a very dull place!  

The two guests that stayed at the lodge yesterday afternoon were lucky enough to see the leopard still resting up in the same place so the disappointment of missing out the day before quickly disappeared.

Herold and Shadrack then tried to follow up on lion tracks on the Kruger Boundary and only once Herold had left the area did the male lion play along and emerged from the bush for a great sighting.  Unfortunately Herold was too far away to respond, but then found four female rhinos.  It quickly became clear that these four ladies were in no mood to be watched by a vehicle and ran off into the bush.  Having been outdone by the lion earlier, Herold was in no mood to be given the slip and after some discussion and persuasion they decided to make the approach on foot.  With rifle in hand, Herold tracked the four females and soon located them.  Concealed behind some thick bush they were able to watch them for some time and take some great photos before bumping into an elephant herd on the way back to the vehicle to round off an exciting expedition.

The afternoon brought more excitement with eight lions on a buffalo kill.  We received an invitation to follow up and great work by the guides located the carcass with just enough light to stay and watch the cubs playing amongst the adults.

To round off a great day Shadrack then found Kuhanya on the way back to the lodge.

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