Tuesday, 27 March 2012

26th March: Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard and Rhino...

Menacing Pic Of The Day.

Morning Drive

( Shadrack & Marka )

Buffalo ( Breeding Herd ) / Peru – Voel Dam
Elephant ( 2x Kambaku ) / De Luca – Western Cutline
Buffalo ( 1x Male ) / Puru – Hornbill Rd

Afternoon Drive.

( Herold & Marka )

Elephant ( Breeding Herd ) / Peru – Giraffe Kill Road
Elephant ( Breeding Herd ) / Karans – Majave Dam
Leopard (Female – Mbali ) / Karans – Majave Dam
Rhino ( Female & Calf )
Buffalo ( Breeding Herd ) / Vielmeter – Vielmeter Access

Daily Synopsis.

After all the excitement of yesterday’s rhino tracking and lions munching on their buffalo, this morning was a relaxed affair with nice sightings of buffalo (alive & healthy) and elephants, whilst Shadrack also spent quite a while with a clan of hyenas outside their den – playing and interacting with each other.  After breakfast, Marka took two of his guests on a bush walk to help undo the hard work done by our kitchen… and of course to take a look at the smaller things that are often overlooked from the vehicle.

The afternoon was again rich with elephants and a few hundred buffalo whilst the legend that is Mbali (leopard female in her late teens) was found near Majave Dam and as always, provided great viewing for the game drives.  The guys also picked up a female rhino with her calf to round off a very successful day!

Tune in tomorrow for some potential white lion news….

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  1. It is good to know that Mbali is still around as she was definitely not well the day we saw her last October and Chad feared for her life expectancy. We think we are right in thinking that she is Kuhanya's mother?
    Sue and John